Advantages of a Content Management System

  • You take full control of your website.

  • It saves the cost of using a web designer for every small update.

  • Changes appear immediately on your website.

  • Visitors are more likely to inquire about or buy your products or service if your website has detailed, up to date information.

  • Search engines such as Google give higher rankings to websites that are updated regularly.

  • No training required.

But we can add it to your existing site!

Editizer is a service created by Online365, the low cost website developer. We have been in the business since the 1990's and understand the customer experience of websites along with the design and maintenance of them.

Editizer can turn any web page into a Content Management System which may be easily maintained by non-professionals. If you already have a perfectly good website this is the beauty of Editizer. Your website will look and behave exactly the same, with the considerable advantage that it can be updated simply and immediately by in-house staff.  

Contact Editizer for a quotation now at You'll be glad you did.